Miss Lois is a professional DJ, music producer and model.

Looking for an exclusive, eccentric and colorful DJ for your event with a high level of respect, and in need for exciting music? Then DJ Miss Lois would be a great recommendation!

Miss Lois is the World’s Number ONE T-girl DJ. She’s a rebel, maybe even a pirate, she’s naughty, she believes in freedom and respect for everyone; whether you’re a male, female, or a bit of both!

Miss Lois has a long history in music, in the mid ’90s as DJ at a pirate radio station, mid ’00s as producer (using a different name) and now back as DJ ánd producer, and completely flipped! As of 2017 she also appears as model for professional shoots that need something different… check the PICTURES page for the portfolio.


Depending on the nature of the event DJ Miss Lois bring atmospheric, relax, dance-able (tropical) club music, with a groovy or tribal influence. For slower parties deep house sets.

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